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Smart School QR Code Attendance (Addon)


QR Code Attendance addon adds automated Student/Staff attendance using QR/Barcode module in Smart School . Using this module Student/Staff can submit their attendance by just scanning their ID Card (ID Card can be print with QR/Barcode) through mobile/tablet/laptop or any other webcam device and attendance will be submit in real time in your Smart School. Fully automated or unattended attendance submission of whole school student/staff. Absent student attendance will also mark Absent automatically and Absent Notification will be send through cron job settings. See various source reports for attendance submission.

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How It Works –

  • Print Student/Staff ID Card with QR or Barcode from Smart School
  • Login to admin panel and open QR Code Attendance page through any Android/iOS/Windows mobile/tablet/laptop or pc with webcam for student/staff ID Card scanning
  • At the time of entering in school student/staff will place their ID Card QR / Barcode for scanning in front of QR Code Attendance page
  • After validating student/staff their attendance will be submit immediately in Smart School
  • If Auto Attendance is enabled then student/staff attendance will be submit automatically continuous without any staff to click on submit attendance
  • After school gate close Smart School attendance module will automatically submit absent students attendance and send absent notification
  • School admin can see reports for QR/Barcode based attendance based on devices or ip addresses

Key Features –

  • Revolutionary QR/Barcode attendance is cost effective solution for attendance submission and reporting
  • Use QR or Barcode anyone of your choice
  • Smart School generates ID Card with QR or Barcode for student and staff
  • Use any camera device like Android/iOS/Windows mobile/tablet/laptop or pc with webcam
  • Auto Attendance feature for unattended continuous attendance submission
  • Automatically submit absent students attendance and send absent notification
  • No biometric hardware or third party app required
  • Student or Staff auto detection
  • Auto detection for duplicate scanning and attendance submission
  • Full Screen mode for seamless display of scanning mode in your mobile/tablet/laptop or pc device
  • Student or Staff auto detection
  • Front or Back camera selection

Lifetime Self Hosted, Yearly Subscription, Long Term Subscription


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