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Smart Vehicle Tracking System for Smart School


School Bus Tracker – Two Android/iOS Apps + Backend + Admin panels

Smart Vehicle tracking system is a comprehensive SaaS school bus tracker system for managing the daily school bus operation that links the school, the parents and the buses into one powerful system.
New: iOS version for both parent and driver apps is now available at additional charges.
vehicle traching1 - Technical Target
vehicle traching2 - Technical Target
vehicle traching3 - Technical Target
vehicle traching4 - Technical Target
vehicle traching5 - Technical Target
vehicle traching6 - Technical Target
vehicle traching7 - Technical Target
vehicle traching8 - Technical Target

Apps Bundle

Two Android Apps & Admin panels, Two Android Apps, Two iOS Apps & Admin panels, Two iOS Apps & Admin panels

Vehicle Plan

Upto 5 Vehicles, Upto 10 Vehicles, Upto 20 Vehicles, Upto 50 Vehicles


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