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Download CBSE & State board School Report Card And Mark Sheet Excel Template


Ready-to-use School Report Card and Mark Sheet template in Excel, Google Sheet, and OpenOffice Calc that simplifies the tedious task of preparing the mark sheet and the report card.

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This is the screenshot of excel workbook for marksheet maker.

Ready-to-use School Report Card and Mark Sheet template in Excel, Google Sheet, and OpenOffice Calc that simplifies the tedious task of preparing the mark sheet and the report card.

Merely enter 9 basic details related to marks and attendance and student details. It prepares the mark sheet and report of the whole class in less than an hour. This sheet will automatically calculate the total, percentage, grades, rank, etc.

Once you enter the required data you can directly print every student’s report card. This record helps a tutor to monitor the growth of each of their pupils and preserve it for future requirements.


  • You can edit data as per your need.
  • Generate marksheet for unlimited students.
  • Pay one time & use for lifetime.
  • Easy works for any academic session.
  • Easy to generate marksheet for CBSE & State board pattern.
  • It generate consolidated marksheet for term wise exams.
  • Easy to customise as per your school requirement.

How it is work?

  • Fill School Data in “Basic Data” Sheet.
  • Create Subjects in “Subjects” sheet.
  • Setup grade range & Performance Remarks in “Grade Setup” sheet.
  • Fill Students basic information & Marks of Term one in the “Term One” Sheet.
  • Only fill term two marks in “Term Two” sheet.
  • Same as fill final terms marks in the “Final Term” sheet.
  • Select Cell & scroll down to any number of rows to apply formula in Term one, two & Final Term.
  • Fill Other data in Miscellaneous information in “Miscellaneous Data” Sheet.
  • Finally enter student roll number in Yellow Cell in the top of “Marksheet” sheet to generate marksheet of any student.
  • Then print or save in pdf as per your need.

Customisation :-

  • There are two option for any changes you want this software.
  1. You can change if you have well knowledge of excel program.
  2. Or you also can hire us to the change or any customisation in software.

What is a Mark sheet?

A mark sheet is a document that displays the marks obtained by all students in each subject. In other words, schools use the mark sheet to enter and record marks, comments, etc academic assessments.

Some schools also insert student’s demographic information like their age, roll numbers, etc that they can use as a reference on the report card.

Components of a Mark Sheet Usually, a mark sheet consists of 2 sections: Class Details and Subject-Wise Marks.

Class details consist of Class, Division, Academic year, Month, and Exam Type.

The subject-wise Marks details include the following:

  • Roll Number
  • Name of the Student
  • Marks Obtained

The marks obtained section consists of 3 different columns. The first displays the marks obtained, second the total marks for which the exam was taken, and the third one is the percentage.

Many educational institutions also add grades for each subject. But it is optional. This projects the subject performance and knowledge of the students.

All of the above details need to be added for all the subjects taught in the class and for which an exam is conducted.

Moreover, it consists of the total marks obtained by each student in all subjects. This helps in defining the class grades. It also consists of details such as student’s attendance and General Register Number for displaying them on the report card.

What is a Report Card?

A Report card is an individual summary of each student’s academic performance. In other words, it is the assessment report of each student that depicts his overall performance in any particular assessment exam.

Components of a Report Card

It consists of student’s details, subject-wise marks, subject-wise grades, and class-wise grades. It displays the student’s overall percentage, Grade, and Rank.

Additionally, it consists of school reopening details, passing out details, attendance, and grading system. Usually, the report card is prepared based on the details entered in the mark sheet. Some educational institutions also include behavioural aspects of children in the report card.

Doing it manually makes it a time-consuming and tedious job. Moreover, the chances of error also increase.

Purpose of a Report Card

  • It provides the school, parents as well as the student to understand the academic achievements.
  • A report card helps the school management, teacher as well as parents to understand the student’s capabilities.
  • It helps the teachers and parents to take necessary actions to improve the performance of weak students.

School Report Card And Mark Sheet Template (Excel, Google Sheets, and OpenOffice Calc)



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